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Feed Commodities is the premier recycler of bakery by-products in the Pacific Northwest, ranging in operations from Salem, Oregon north to the Canadian border.

The focus of our operations is the acquisition of raw bakery by-products from our bakery customers, and everything we do supports this effort. From the custom designing of our waste systems to meet our customers’ specific needs, the efficient hauling and processing of their by-products, to finding the highest valued markets for our final feeds, our focus is and always will be on our customers.

To further enhance the value we offer our customers, Feed Commodities has developed systems to help our bakeries not only track their waste volumes, but identify the sources of their waste streams. This helps enable our customers to focus on reducing costly waste and improving their bottom line. Additionally, these systems alert our drivers when a container is nearing full so that pickups are made at the right time without causing downtime at the bakery.

Feed Commodities is dedicated to improving the systems and services we offer our bakery customers. We view our relationships with the bakeries as partnerships, and understand that we will be successful only if we support the success of these valued customers.

History with



Bakeries by-product? We like to think of it as bakeries for the bovine and their brethren. We serve it up with love, so let’s let that love continue.

Serving the Pacific Northwest began in 1996 out of a rented barn in Fife, WA and becoming the North West largest bakery by-product reconditioner.

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We take a two pronged approach to this concept. First, Feed Commodities is dedicated to the most efficient handling of our customers’ by-products while identifying the highest value markets in which to sell our processed feeds.




Feed Commodities currently provides service to bakeries in Washington and Oregon, along or near the 1-5 corridor. Our operations extend as far south as Salem, in Oregon, to Everett in Washington.

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Feed Commodities is an equal opportunity employer and is always looking for people that share our values and are committed to our customers and our team. We take great pride in our employees, and the teamwork they foster.