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From our local Pacific Northwest farmers to exports worldwide, we take pride in delivering the finest feed. Not only will your livestock enjoy our blend, we go beyond existing industry regulations to maximize food and feed safety as a certified Safe Feed Safe Food facility.

Feed Commodities purchases a wide variety of cereal and grain-based products from our bakery customers as well as other suppliers. These products may be purchased at the Seller’s location, delivered to one of our facilities, or transloaded from railcars. Regardless of how the product reaches our location, Feed Commodities is dedicated to providing the best value for our raw material suppliers.

Finished feed products are typically sold in bulk on tractor trailers, but can be loaded onto rail to reach some of our more distant markets. Please contact us to determine the best method of delivery to your location.





Feed Commodities is a recycler of bakery by-products. Nevertheless, the products that make up our raw material supply are not exclusive to bakeries. Feed Commodities purchases products that are cereal-based. While wheat and corn products account for the majority of our raw materials, most all ingredients that are used in the creation of bakery products, with the exception of meat, may be acceptable.

Do you have other food by-products? Our research and development team and feed nutritionists are continually testing new raw material samples and ingredients to enhance our feed product line! Contact us if you would like to test a food by-product and discuss your opportunities!




The primary feed sold by Feed Commodities is our Baker’s Blend® dried bakery product. This product is the final feed ingredient processed by Feed Commodities in our Tacoma facility from the raw materials we receive from our bakery customers.

Feed Commodities guarantees the following analysis on our Baker’s Blend® product:

  • Fat 9% minimum
  • Protein 10% minimum
  • Fiber 3% maximum
  • Ash 4% maximum
  • Moisture 10% maximum

*Most recent Baker’s Blend® analysis

Our Baker’s Blend® product is sold in meal form, and is transported in bulk on tractor trailers. It has a shelf life of several months and can be stored in flat storage or silos. The consistency of our analysis is due to the fact that both during and after the processing of our ingredients, the product is continually mixed. It is also cooled during the process and therefore clump resistant.

Where to Buy
For information on how and where to purchase our feeds, please contact us. Our feed products are sold exclusively through Seley & Co., at (415) 640-2261.

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As long as Americans still eat cookies, Feed Commodities will continue to put out the best feed in the world. Couple that with a state of the art order fulfillment system and family values, and you’re on your way to a sustainable lower bottom line.