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Giving back to the local community is a core practice and an essential element to achieving balance within the Feed Commodities culture. The organization focuses its charitable efforts on supporting local youth and military programs.

As members of the community, we work hard to protect our environment and support local non-profit groups that are aligned with our vision. To safeguard our environment, we voluntarily added a regenerative thermal oxidizer to treat the exhaust coming off our production system so that our emissions remain well below any recordable thresholds. While the addition of this system was not required by the Clean Air Agency, it was important to our mission as a recycler to minimize our carbon footprint where possible- most importantly in our home town, Tacoma.



2015 Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce Spotlight Medium Business Award

2017 Washington’s Sustainability Manufacturer of Year (presented by Seattle Business magazine)

2019 Association of Washington Business (AWB) Manufacturer of the Year

2023 Washington State Recycling Association (WSRA) Innovator of the Year

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If you’re a motivated organization, that’s looking for inspiration on the sustainability home front, we might just be a good fit. Sharing over twenty-five years of knowledge on food by-product recycling and food waste reduction opportunities is very important to us. It is our goal to help the greater food production community learn how to track and reduce waste streams across the United States. We’ve been honored to speak at these recent conferences:

2015 Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability “Innovating Waste-to-Profit in Tacoma & South Sound” (Tacoma, Washington)

2016 Solid Waste Association of North America “SWANApalooza: The Road to Zero Waste” Conference (Charleston, South Carolina)

2017 Northwest Food Processors Association “Food & Beverage Manufacturers Expo & Conference” (Portland, Oregon)

2023 Washington State Recycling Association “Meeting in the Middle Conference” (Yakima, Washington)

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The Pierce County Chamber of Commerce Mission: Leading the way to exceptional business & community growth so that Tacoma-Pierce County is a vibrant community where economic growth is encouraged and sustained.

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Always question the feed you’re buying. Granted our product is fair value, fantastic for the environment, and your bottom line. It’s also some of the highest quality feed on the market. Safe for human consumption early, and also safe for animal consumption.


Pointe du Hoc Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit established to recognize and commemorate the special operations warriors of 2d Ranger Battalion. An all volunteer organization formed in 2011, the Foundation partners with government and community leaders, businesses, and friends of the battalion, providing support to Rangers and family members who served in the unit.

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Our commitment to quality is not only in livestock feed, it’s in all aspects of our business model. Feed Commodities has consistently produced high quality feeds at our Tacoma, Washington facility since the facility was built in 1998. FC recognizes and respects the long-standing synergistic relationship between farmers and local bakeries/processors/breweries. We take pride in the level of experience of our employees, the superior service we provide to our customers, and the feed products that we produce daily.

We are here for our community and continue to grow with it.